Thursday, 23 September 2010

Updates and thank you

Hi parents, students,
There is certainly no shortage of paper shuffled between school and home in the beginning of the year. Many thanks for having completed the administrative forms, food and activity registrations and for having contributed throught he student levy.

The grade three team working towards having individual class blogs for communications, sharing, learning tools and, of course, homework. We are near ready, but we may need to shuffle a bit of paper to get things started. News on this soon.

That said, there is no time like now to become familiar with the blog and all it has to offer. I encourage students and parents to visit regularly - both the message column on the left and the learning resources on the right. I encourage visitors to leave a quick comment at every visit as it help build community around our blog.

Bon soir!

M Lemelin

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Ciara said...

Bonjour Monsieur Lemelin,
C'est moi...Ciara! J'aime faire les art a l'ecole.