Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kids Rules for Online Safety (for pre-teens) |

Students at work on their clay figure comic characters.


Ciara said...

les projets est magnifique!

Story Time For Me said...

Hello. So glad I found this blog, it looks like you have lots of resources for kids.

I wanted to know if you could add the site I have helped founded which is called which is a public online children's book library which already has more than 30 books and 1-2 books are being added each month. There is no need to register or log-in. One of the nice things about our stories is that it teaches kids about socially relevent themes. For example, here are a few stories to show you what I mean: (Ben and his friends work together to help animals who have been affected by a natural disaster.) (Ben and his friends set up a recycling program at their school.) (Ben and his friend Pete discover that their favorite beach has been polluted and they decide to do something about it.)

Almost all the books have a lesson that can be learned.

Another thing to look at is our personalized books for teachers and kids to use which you can view here Our first book is about Earth Day so it's right around the corner. There is no cost for this as well.

Please let me know either way if you would.

Andrew Gitt

Abby said...

Je félicite tout le monde pour son travail extrordinaire!!