Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Notre Ville - la création d'un film

Pour la semaine de l'education le comitée d'art nous dit que le thème cette année est LA VILLE

We are looking to make a short video with a collage of clips of our city. I will post details later today.

Students are asked to contribute video clips of different aspects of their life in the city. Some subjects include:

  • a favorite place in the city

  • structures

  • items in decomposition (both natural and man-made)

Type of shots- MOVEMENT:

  • subject(s) moving, camera still

  • camera moving through space

Format of clips:

Any format will be OK, but WMA or MP4 will be easiest to use directly.Please send on USB key, Disk, or by email - woodroffe3d@gmail.com

It is preferable that electronics from home not be sent to school.

Thnaks for your help and support.

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