Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Animation -Deniz à l'ONF

Hello Mr. Lemelin,

Yesterday, Deniz brought to school an education brochure and notepads from the Ottawa International Animation. I apologize for not sending you a a note about that. We were at the Animation Film festival this weekend and when we saw little sketch pads, we thought that friends in his class could have some fun creating their own little animation.

I’ve mentioned to one of the workshop presenters that my son has a “tech savvy” teacher who keeps a very cool classroom blog J. I hope you don’t mind me using these words and promoting your work. She gave me her contact information and was very interested in seeing your blog. I’ve attached her business card to this letter. She told me that the National Film Board (NFB) offers school workshops. I’ll send Genevieve a follow up email and cc you as well.

Deniz told me that you wanted to see a video we created. Here is a little explanation of what we did.

When you open a USB memory stick, go to the Animation Film Festival Workshop folder and you’ll see two clips.

1. A first clip was made by NFB volunteers using the pixilation technique. We were all asked to take a special pose, move left or right, or stay still while they took pictures. At the end they put the movie together combining all the pictures.

2. Second clip, Hungry Dragon, is a five seconds long animation created in a free group setting using the paper cut-outs and sand on a light table.

If you’d like you can post these two clips on your blog. I guess there are no specific author rights related to these clips as they were created in group settings.


Best Regards,


Merci beaucoup Deniz et Dinka! J'adore quand les élèves de la classe nous partagent des projets extraordinaires! On va certainement esseyer cette technique cette année.


Nathan said...

Cool Deniz! J aime
comment les personne


Maxwell's Dad said...

Did you help make the Hungry Dragon? If so, what part did you do? The tail? The pitch fork? THE END?

laila said...

Great work Deniz,how did you make it?

Deniz and his Mom said...

Thank you for your questions. :) I will try to explain how we created the animation and how I contributed.

We first got into a group and came up with the story. Then we drew our characters on the construction paper and cut them out. I made a spade and a fish. My brother made a dragon’s head and also a small dragon for the second part of the animation. We were told to think about something that will surprise the audience. So we decided to make the dragon scary at the beginning of the animation but then in the second part we showed that he was not so much scary but one very hungry dragon who likes fish.

We used a light table to create the animation. There was a special set up around the light table. The camera was positioned above the light table and connected to a computer and a special pad that is used to take pictures. I was a lucky helper that took all the pictures.

We assembled our cut outs on the light table and slightly changed the position of the dragon every time we took the picture. We used sand to create the fire that was coming out from the dragon’s mouth. We slowly wrote the word “The End” using the sand. There were about 30 pictures. When we were done with taking all pictures, we assemble them together to make the animation. It took us about 45 minutes to create 5 seconds animation. There were two adults and three children in the group.

afnan said...

COOL vedio Deniz afnan