Sunday, 19 April 2009

Challenge Based Learning

I am very excited! A teacher in my Professional Learning Comminity has blogged on Challenge Based Learning I could not be happier to see that initiatives these are weaving their way in to discussion on best practices in education today. Engaging the Whole Child, a GREAT collection of articles was also part of my weekend delight. WORDLE


Kent said...


Re: Challenge Based Learning

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for this type of learning model. I think we both have been around long enough to see what "Challenge Based Learning" really is. It is inquiry learning.

Do you remember when we first started using the inquiry approach almost 25 years ago? It was a 5 to 7 step process then: Focus, Plan, Carry out the Plan, Process and Present?

I like the idea of "Reframing the Existing Curriculum Into Inquiry Units" - Chapter 3 of Engaging Readers and Writers with Inquiry - Jeff Wilhem.

Currently we are re-visiting integrating teaching and learning with inquiry in our district and it is really exciting.

You may wish to have a look as some "just published" - see April 16th resources from our district's Literacy Partner website that have inquiry as their base.

Again, thank you and let's continue the conversation and learn along the way!


courtney said...

J'aime le film de Matt!