Monday, 20 April 2009

Student Wellness - Conflict Resolution Skills as the Foundation for Collaboration

Eight-year-olds enjoy sharing their viewpoints on a variety of topics. They have a clearly-developed sense of self-worth and may express frustration in response to activities that they perceive as areas of personal weakness. Eight-year-olds begin to understand the concept of masking emotions and can vary their use of coping strategies to deal with challenging situations. In peer interactions, they may start to engage in leadership, goal-setting, elaborate fantasy play and an assortment of interactive games. Eight-year-olds still rely on adults for a sense of security, but are proud of their independence and will want to express it. Under emotionally-stressful circumstances, they will seek adults in less direct ways but still need contact.

Effective conflict resolution is built upon strong communication skills. Encouraging children to describe and discuss their feelings helps them to establish a sense of control over those powerful emotions that, at times, threaten to overwhelm. These types of discussions can serve as a productive outlet for these kind of feelings.

What is conflict resolution?
Sometimes we all get pretty angry.
We may feel that something is unfair, something has been taken or broken that we value, someone is being mean, we're not getting a fair share, etc.
So what do we do?
Well, we could throw a huge tantrum, get really upset, be mean to everybody etc.
Would any of these things solve the problem? I don't think so!
Well, what could you do?
Conflict Resolution Try to sort things out so that everyone gets a fair go and something of what they want.
There are 4 things that you need to do.
1 Understand
2 Avoid making things worse
3 Work together
4 Find the solution

From PBS Parents, AllSands, and Kids Health


LILA! said...

Cette récré,j'ai aider une personne avec un problem!J'ai parler a les enfants qui ont briser leurs chateau que elles ont fait.Les enfants ont s'excuser.

LA FIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Lemelin said...

Bravo Lila!

Je t'ai vu faire et tu as très bien fait ça. Tu sais ce qu'il faut faire pour résoudre les conflits ... et ce n' est pas toujours facile! Tes habilités seront surement bien appréciées par ta famille et tes collegues de travail quand tu grandiras.

R lemelin

Lewis said...

J'aime comment tu a mets les photo